World Wide Sires Reproductive Specialists are a highly skilled team in all areas of heat detection and artificial insemination with extensive experience.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach & excellent customer service.

Services Include:

      • Walk and Chalk Heat Detection

      • A.I Daily Service (Mainland UK Only)

      • Monitoring of farm heat detection systems via apps

      • A.I groups of sync heifers

    • Bovisync Management Packages

Bovisync enables us to constantly monitor the farms performance, setting fertility KPI’s & assessing heat detection, conception rates and pregnancy rates, with monthly reporting to the customer.

This analysis allows F2F feedback sessions on a quarterly basis helping your business continuously adapt & improve.

Mainland UK

Alan Steer

07988 657385

Northern Ireland 

Dennis Torrens

07955 999129


Tel: 0151 348 8966