RYCaps (Rumen Yeast Capsules) – A Supplemental Source Of Probiotics For Dairy In Capsule Form. 

When cows are off feed, helping them to return to normal intake levels and profitability quickly is the top priority. RYCaps helps to restore beneficial bacteria in the rumen and encourage dry matter intake any time that normal digestive health has been interrupted.


Features & Benefits

  •  B Vitamins added to support animal health during periods of stress
  •  Live cell yeast improves rumen microflora, stimulates dry matter intake and promotes rumen environment
  •  6 grams of niacin to help with ketosis prevention
  •  Fermentation extracts to increase cellulolytic bacteria and metabolites and enzymatic activity supporting increased rumen efficiency and enhancing beneficial bacteria


When To Use 

  • For dairy cows following freshening or calving
  • To encourage dry matter intake
  • To help restore healthy bacterial balance to the rumen
  • After antibiotic treatment


Tub Contains 25 Capsules 

Contact your local genetic consultant to order.