Holstein Wellness Traits

What is DWP?                    

DWP$ is an all-encompassing index that makes ranking animals much easier for the dairy operation. 

DWP$ includes production, fertility, type, longevity, health and wellness traits, and includes the economic value for official polled test results.

A higher DWP$ value is more desirable and indicates, genetically, an overall more profitable animal.

Producers can confidently use DWP$™ to make all selection decisions, including heifer and bull selection, plus make breeding type decisions, such as when embryos, sexed, conventional or beef semen may be used.

DWP$ accounts for disease traits and helps explain the profitability of the animal, thus advancing herds much faster toward overall profitability. 

Selection for DWP$ can result in a difference of lifetime profit of more than $1,200 between the top 10th percentile and the bottom 10th percentile of ranked animals in females. 

Developed by Zoetis, this index was reviewed by Select Sires geneticists and reflects the input and knowledge of a team of industry experts. DWP$ utilises data collected from millions of health records within U.S. commercial Holstein herds.

Wellness traits are expressed as Standard Transmitting Ability (STA), where 100 represents average expected disease risk. Higher values are desirable.

Wellness Traits WT$:

Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) estimates differences in expected lifetime profit associated with risk of diseases in cows (mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta, displaced abomasum, ketosis, and cow respiratory) in addition to adding the economic value for the polled gene.

Animals with higher WT$ are expected to be more profitable due to lower expected disease risk.

WT$ is best used within a genetic selection index, such as the most comprehensive profitability index, DWP$, or as part of a custom index selection tailored to breeding goals on the dairy.

WT$ explains economic differences in disease risk and is not designed to address differences in other areas or traits, such as fertility.

Dairy Wellness (Holstein)

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