Seeing a need for intensive Artificial Insemination and dairy management training, World Wide Sires Ltd established the Global Training Centre in Washington State.  The main objective of the World Wide Sires Global Training Centre is to provide a world class training program that is tailored and designed to advance the knowledge and skill of each individual attending.

The Global Training Centre staff includes four trainers, two practicing veterinarians and WWS consultants. The program focuses on one-on-one training with small groups for an intense 8 day program. There are five main herds that we work with, ranging from 1000-24,000 cows.

Training programs are available in two areas: 

– Advanced dairy management training: The hands-on dairy management training educates attendees on the management of dry and transition cows, feeding, cow comfort, milk quality, overall herd health, as well as breeding and reproductive management.

– Advanced reproduction training: designed to enhance the skills needed to detect heat accurately, understand the physiology of reproduction, improve ovarian palpation as well as identify open versus pregnant animals between 32 and 45 days bred.  The goals for this reproductive training are that attendees understand hormones of the oestrus cycle, Ovsync programs, and leave confident about making decisions about their reproductive programs.

What Farmers are saying:

‘Since coming back from the WWS Global Training Centre, i feel i have much more knowledge on how to unlock the genetics in my herd’

James Woolridge, Court Farm, Gloustershire

‘The GTC was brilliant. Getting a hands on experience with cows out on farm, and also learning the technical details in the classroom. The technical knowledge i gained whilst at the GTC have been transferred and use on the farm at home. This includes improvement in our pregnancy rate from low 20’s to high 20’s which has in turn pushed our herd to over 12,000 litres / cow’

Mark Robinson, Woodhey Dairies Ltd, Cheshire